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All Shropshire parents are now able to access the on-line Understanding Your Child course for free. This is the first online course for parents to be awarded the Government’s CANparent Quality Mark and has been developed by the Solihull Approach team.
To access this free course go to www.inourplace.co.uk then apply this 'Access Code' DARWIN 18

BEAM - The Children's Society - there is no need for an appointment!
Beam is run by The Children's Society. It is part of the new Bee-U Emotional Health & Wellbeing service in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.
Beam is a drop-in service with open-access so there are no appointments. The service supports the emotional wellbeing of children and you are welcome to visit the drop-in service to see what it is like before bringing your child. If you think your child might benefit from the emotional support BEAM can offer, then contact Beam or drop-in at one of the sessions to discuss your concerns.
Beam provides low intensity therapeutic support to children and young people under 25, their parents, carers and professionals. Beam can give practical support and suggestions. Beam offer a variety of ways for young people and their families to access support. Drop in sessions, groups and workshops.
BEAM operates weekly drop ins as follows:

Monday and Tuesday, 12-7pm at Beam, The Children's Society, 9 Market Square, Wellington TF1 1BP
Thursday, 2-7pm at Palmer's Coffee Shop, Shrewsbury SY1 1QG
Saturday, 11-4pm, 9 Market Square, Wellington TF1 1BP

If you would like to know more or have any questions please speak to Mrs Phillips (via the school office) or email Beam:

Please note - children and young people do need to have previously registered with Beam and have attended one of the drop-in sessions before they can attend a support group or workshop.


The Federation News

EYFS Special

Maths Special



Welcoming New Parents

A Story for new Clee Children

Billy's Bucket read by Mrs Dodsworth

A Story for new Mumbles Children

Owl Babies read by Mrs Tarrant



Phonics Coffee Morning Workshop

Maths Coffee Morning Workshop

School Development Plan

The School Development Plan enables the school’s vision to be shared and understood by the whole school community. Our aim is to work and learn together as a community in order to further improve our school and be the best that we can be. The School Development Plan is designed to give a clear focus to those aspects of our work which we believe to be key priorities for the school.

The School Development Plan should give everyone an understanding of where the school is going and what actions will be taken to ensure we achieve our objectives. We set clear timescales for implementation and determine how to effectively use both human and physical resources to support specific objectives. It also helps us plan and prioritise our budget and guides how we plan and organise staff training.

This School Development Plan was approved by the Governing Body of The Trinity Federation at their Autumn Term Meeting on 18th November 2021.

School Development Plan Document

COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan Sep 2020


 Websites to support Maths learning at home



Maths workshop for parents and pupils

Times Tables Booklet - advice for parents

Celebrating Maths Project




Multiplication Tables:

Number facts to know:

Problem solving:



Links for parents

If your child is in Year 2 or Year 6, they’re in the final year of Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) or Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). This means that in May they’ll be doing end of key stage assessments, often called the SATs.

These short videos help to explain more – just be aware the videos are a couple of years old so some details, like the test dates for this year won’t be accurate.

In the past, parents have said they’ve found the videos helpful. Nevertheless, if you’ve any questions, comments or concerns, speak with your child's class teacher.

Growth Mindset -  Information For Parents


Term Dates


Term dates 2021-2022

Term dates 2022-2023 

PD Days:

Monday 5th September 2022

Tuesday 6th September 2022

Friday 21st October 2022

Friday 16th December 2022

Tuesday 3rd January 2023


 Click here for the DFE booklet regarding end of Key Stage assessments.

The Teaching of Phonics, Reading and Writing:

 The Policy for English includes details of how we teach reading, writing and phonics.

At Worfield School we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ to teach phonics. Letters and Sounds is a resource published by the Department for Education and Skills. Click here to view the Letters and Sounds document.

Big Talk for Big Write Information Leaflet

e-Safety advice for parents:


Curriculum Maps

EYFS Mumbles Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term 

EYFS Clee Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term 

Year 1 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Year 2 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Year 3 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Year 4 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Year 5 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Year 6 Autumn Term Spring Term  Summer Term